FirePan Bag
FirePan Bag
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FirePan Bag

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Way to go following the regs and keeping that wilderness wild! Firepans are a great addition to any trip, but we know they get gross and get your shiny boat all icky. Use this firepan bag to keep all your components together in one place, and the rest of your gear clear of ash.

Made with ballistic nylon fabric, this bag comes with carry handles on the sides, and two cam buckles to securely close the lid.

Small: 16" tall x 26" long x 5" wide

Large: 19" tall x 32" long x 5" wide

Fits Salamander Paddle Gear's Firepan, as well as NRS's "the Firepan." Did your friend's cousin's 5th grade teacher weld you a custom one? Give us a call and we can make a custom bag for you.