About Us

Stitches ‘N Stuff has a long history of building the best, most durable sewn goods for the river industry. Initially founded by river legends Jan and Dennis Schell, Stitches ‘N Stuff found success in Arboles, CO by providing exceptional customer service and custom sewn goods. Stitches ‘N Stuff now calls Grand Junction, CO home and continues to pride itself on the same great product, and the best customer service in the industry. Drop us a line when you are in the market for your next piece of gear. 



I grew up in rural Vermont, and my mom made every single costume I wore, including my prom dress. I started sewing because I got sick of gluing or hand-sewing my partner's increasingly elaborate Halloween costume ideas. I quickly realized a whole world had been opened up: I could make everyday clothes that actually fit my body and were unique to me. I started rafting and I found out that I could custom design for my boats, too. Look good, feel good. I am so excited by the opportunity to work with other river fans to make unique outfits for your boats. In addition to rafting and sewing, I like to order way too many books from the interlibrary loan system, and take a daily tour of all of my house plants.