Custom Works

Custom design, sizing, and colors are our specialty! From floors to drop bags, we can customize almost anything in our catalog. Contact us for pricing and production schedule.

 Custom Beavertail Cargo Floors

Fill in the dimension circles on the template (above) and email it to us. Or just call us! Pattern Charge may apply.

  • Multi-Mesh base fabric
  • 2” heavy-weight polypropylene webbing border
  • 1” x 5' heavy-weight polypropylene webbing straps & cam buckles

For example: 


Custom Cataraft Floors

SNS cat floors are designed and produced to fit your specific needs and rigging preference. Most floors can be produced within 2 to 3 weeks of confirmed order, depending on the time of season. We do NOT have "off the shelf" cat floors.

The following is "BALLPARK" pricing for your information. ALL floors are quoted based on your specific dimensions. Your floor may be smaller OR larger than the listed sizes, and we offer ESTIMATED sizes and pricing below only to give you an idea of price range.

  • Small: (about 29" wide x 36" long) starting at $169.00
  • Medium: (about 30" wide x 60" long) starting at $200.00
  • Large: (about 36" wide x 72" long) starting at $260.00
  • X-Lg: (More than 92" long) starting at $340.00

Basic design:

  • Phifertex Mesh Fabric (Gray, Yellow, Black or Blue)
  • 1" polypro webbing both ways about 8" (+/-) apart with 1" cam buckle at each run.
  • Webbing extends 12" beyond the perimeter for attachment and adjustment.
  • 1-1/2" polypro webbing reinforcement bow and stern ends of floor.
  • Floor design provides a tight platform for standing.
  • Most floors are rectangular, but angle corners are an option.

Custom Drybox and cooler covers

  • 1" Thick closed-cell Ethafoam pad inside 1000 Denier nylon Cordura Cover
  • 4" skirt around bottom perimeter, with 1" polypro webbing reinforced bottom edge
  • MultiMesh interior bottom sleeve encloses removable ethafoam pad
  • 1" Polypro Webbing and 2 cam buckles on one long side for attachment to frame cross member

Cooler and Drybox Covers