Custom Works

We can pretty much make it all. Anything we already make we can adjust in size and color. Do you want a drop bag in blue mesh with purple webbing? We can do that. Do you need an extra cam buckle, or a D ring in a certain spot? That too. 

Have you been thinking to yourself "I really like x, but I want it to have y and z?" Have you been wondering why no one makes "insert specific idea"? We want to help you make your dreams come to life.

Check out some of the pictures below to see stuff we've made for other folks!

Contact us for pricing and production schedule.


Super size PhatCat cargo bag


Stripping basket slash dog bed


Groover Cover

Groover cover


100' Throw Bag

100' Throw Bag


 Cat Decking


Adjustable Cat Floor


Camp Chef Stove Bag