Warranty and Repairs


If we messed up, we'll fix the problem. We'll send you a new one, send you something else, offer a refund, whatever we need to do to make it right. We'll send you a return label, ask you to mail us the product, and then get a new one back to you ASAP.

If it's wear and tear, we'll make a good faith effort to fix your Stitches product - for free. It doesn't matter when you purchased it, if we can fix it, we will. Keep things out of the landfill! But if it can't be fixed, we'll work with you to get a new product in your hands. You pay to ship it to us, we pay to ship it back. Just reach out. 


Repairs and Alterations

We repair all manner of river products, whether it's ours or someone else's. As mentioned above, we will repair our products for free. If you need work done on another company's products, please reach out with information and pictures so we can provide you with an accurate quote. 

Want to add a buckle here, a strap there, velcro, snaps, a d ring? We can do it. Reach out for a quote.