Cargo and Everything Else Bag
Cargo and Everything Else Bag
Jeb is rigged and ready to launch! Thanks for sharing, Jeb!
Thanks to Bryan for this great shot on the San Juan!
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Cargo and Everything Else Bag

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We love fiddling with a million straps like the rest of you. But for the easiest rigging imaginable, just toss it all in this bag. This cargo bag comes with three cam buckles to attach to your frame, three d-rings on the bottom to lash into your floor lacing, and three d-rings midway up so you can strap to your boat's d-rings. Cinch closure at the top keeps it all together. Pair with one of our Cargo Harnesses for extra burl.

Our lidded version comes with a beavertail shaped lid sewn to the back side of the bag and slides into cam buckles located midway down the bag. You can actually bring the kitchen sink with this bag!

Have a cat? We've got a bag for that too.